If you haven't seen it yet, this blog post explains my whole retreating concept that I'm playing with as a way to calm my do all the things....right now mind.  

One thing at a time, for a week, within a general category.

It's kind of nice knowing what I'm going to do for the day. :)

Each of these categories is linked here for your convenience (and mine).

READING contains the lists of books I'm reading during that particular week, conveniently linked so you can grab it, too, if it calls to you.

WRITING will mostly be a link round-up of posts, since I'm planning on posting some of my writing exercises here.  There may also be books and/or classes mentioned or linked, since I want to work through the ones sitting on my hard drive untouched, both as a way of digital housecleaning and to improve my skillset where I can.

ART is also a link round-up of posts, since I'm hoping to post pictures here and on Instagram of what I'm making.  There may also be books/classes, just like with writing, above, since I've got so many art classes sitting here that I haven't really done anything's nuts.  And wasteful.  And I need more mad skillz practice.  There will also be etsy links, since I plan to use my art weeks to update my store with all the new stuff.

WANDER is quieter.  Travelogues, adventure updates, and gear tests.  Planning for future trips.  Travel journaling.  Lots of reading, probably.  Bike riding, definitely.  Wandering, of course.  Solvitur Ambulando. I may even work on some wanderzines.