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Friday, January 22, 2016

Hali Karla released the new prompt for this month.

(It's a two-parter, and it's best if you do some creating around the first part before you know the second bit, which will do a 180 to your perception in about a second flat.)

I've been hibernating for the past few days, painting and drawing and walking the dogs in the uncharacteristic sunshine we've been having, sometimes for hours each day.  And one of the things I've been doing by way of stretching is trying to annoy myself in my notebooks.

I don't mean actually annoy myself.  But I've been giving myself restrictions.  No looking at the page while you're drawing it.  Use no photo references.  Use a color you hate.  That kind of thing.

Today, it's use only what you have within a 1' radius from your chair.  Which was, literally, one Marks-All pencil, one jar of rewettable water-soluble graphite in blue, some white paint, and a brush that's completely inappropriate for detail work.

Challenge accepted, I guess. :)

I'm off to go back into my cave for a bit and do some contemplation for the second half of the prompt.  It fits in, oddly well, with some stuff I've got on tap for later this year...because synchronicity really is A Thing.

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  1. so glad this prompt resonated for you... and yes, synchronicity really is a pretty awesome thing, isn't it? xoxo~h


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