#planwithme day two

Some of you know that I'm a recent convert to this whole bullet journal thing. 

 I've been carrying a Midori for about a year, with watercolor paper inserts I make myself, but the thought of having one notebook for everything made me get a little squealy and excited.

There are roughly a billion resources for the basic Bullet Journal "official" system, which is about as simple as it gets:  make a list every month of stuff you have to do, list your goals, then every day, list what actions you actually want to take.  If you do them, you put an x by them.  If you don't, you push them to the next day.

People are creative, however.  

Which means there's now about as many different things you can do with a bullet journal as there are people who keep them.  Some of them are artsy, some are plain.  Some have a bazillion extra lists and pages and trackers, some just have a ballpoint-pen-written list of stuff.  And every single method is perfectly okay.  You can just do you, all in its glorious openness and rule-freeness.

This month, I'm playing along with the #planwithme challenge.  

It's an instagram thing, and this month, it's all about how you bullet journal (or whatever you do).  Today's day two, and it's about your January set-up.

Since I am nothing if not a slightly crazy overachiever, here's mine for the day.

if you click, you can see the crazy in large sizes, too.
I warned you about the slight craziness, didn't I?  Bullet Journal on speed, here.

I think I might have a little page problem at this point.  I've only been keeping this particular style of planner since December 18th, though -- I'm sure it'll simplify and evolve as time goes by, if everyone else's experiences with it hold true for me.

(Also, fair warning: I kind of in love with this thing.  There may be more pictures.  And probably video.  Possibly as many of my BuJo as there will likely be of my dogs, if that says anything.  Paper and puppies, the two most awesome bits of the world, IMHO.)


  1. So fun to see such a different approach from my own! I do make lists sometimes (what feeds my soul, what doesn't, and my gratitude lists) but to-do lists make me feel all trapped and antsy. I ONLY do them if I have a horrendous deadline (saints preserve us!) or if I'm getting ready to go on a trip and I don't want to forget something essential, like mozarella pearls or a decent paintbrush!

    1. Oh, totally. If I forgot the mozzarella, there would be tears. (And, sometimes, possibly blood. Not my own.) :D

      I'm kind of approaching it as a nice hybrid of the sketchbooks I've been lugging around and the notebooks of, well, *notes* that I lugged around separately, with a little bit of structure to keep me organized. My brain's so often like a sponge/swiss cheese hybrid that I forget stuff if I don't write it down...so this has been totally working for me to keep on track with things. I only have to check *one place*, and I've got all my sketching/watercolor stuff *right there*, so I don't have an excuse not to do THAT, either.

      I love this so much. :D