ARW - A little nakedness

So as part of art week, I thought I'd try and show you video.

Because it's easy, right?  Just shoot a video and throw it up on YouTube and call it good, right?

Yeah, um...not so much.

But after a few days of futzing around with it and thinking I needed to learn big complicated video software first (by way of procrastination, of course), I pulled up iMovie, dug out the overhead camera rig, and gave 'er a go.


It's not fabulous.  But it's okay for a first try.  There's some rambly bits, some shaky camera bits, and more than a few vocal tics.  (I'm fond of "but, um...".  Make it a drinking game.  My video will look better after the first three minutes if you do.)

And with that, I give first sketchbook tour.  Enjoy. :)

p.s.  There will be more.  I liked this.  It was fun.  And I have many things to show you.  Maaaany thiiiiiings.  (insert sparkly magic sound effect and falling glitterbombs here.)

Oh, and:The links I said I'd try to get.

  • This is the camera rig I use.
  • This is the animal poses site I use almost every night.  It's free.  I set it to five minutes and just go.
  • This is the class of Louise Gale's that I couldn't remember the name of. (It was actually Nature Trail Sketchbook, which she's no longer teaching, but this one is her new format and...I took this one too.  I need an intervention.)
  • These are the Mission Gold watercolors that I was drooling on.
  • This is the hand*book sketchbook I showed first.

I think that's all I promised.  If not, drop me a comment and I'll update.


  1. I'm going through a period where I won't work unless I KNOW what I'm going to do and it has to be good. That's stupid. You're inspiring me. You seem to take,a fair amount of classes. Online? Recommendations? Thinking about a Jane Davenport but classes are $$$

  2. I do that same thing sometimes, Cathy. I know, intellectually, that I need to go through long periods of making things that look like the neighborhood three year old got ahold of a marker to get to the places where I can make something that looks more like what I want, but I want to be there NOW, and my subconscious throws a fit. :) I think we all get that sometimes. Just give yourself permission to make crap sometimes (or all the time) and all will be well. :)

    And I'm going to cut it straight, here, which probably won't make me any friends, asked. :D

    I *loved* Jane's "Supplies Me" class. It was well worth every penny. The other classes of hers that I took (Draw Happy and another one...maybe Joynal?) were waaaay overpriced and way too basic for me. I really regretted getting them, but I do love Jane and her style, and don't mind having that money support her. (And I do recommend Supplies Me. I've been a supply hoarder for years, but still learned a whole lot about them from that class.)

    For journaling, though -- get Mary Ann Moss's "Sketchbookery". I loved that one unconditionally. I'm taking "Oh My Gouache" now, and it's every bit as good as the first. I'm a definite fan.

    For art in general, Carla Sonheim's classes are reasonably priced, well produced, and FUN. And you learn things in each one, despite yourself. She's brilliant, and she shares everything she knows. (She's also got a sale on right now. summer20 will get you 20% off any of her self-paced classes.)

    Both of those will make you feel like you can do ANYTHING. Seriously.

    1. Thanks. I have one of Jane's books and am enjoying drawing from it. I had looked at Supplies Me so will consider it more seriously. Will also check out the others. I plan to set up my travel watercolors and take it with me camping next week.

  3. It's *SO* good to hear your voice again lady!

    Love your sketchy-bits (er, sketches? You're not, not at all...)

    You are always inspiring me. I wouldn't still be playing with yarn if it weren't for you and your gushing over the Chevron Scarf from waaaaay back when. And about a year ago I got sick of just looking at your pretties and decided to get myself covered in paint....and now with the bullet journal obsession I have. Seriously. You need to stop. My bank account can't take it anymore! <3

  4. You DID it!!! And it turned out FABULOUS!!! I love this video, you rocked it! And it IS great to hear your pretty voice again. Your books are so beautiful, ALL the pages are inspirational - including the ones that you don't like. I am SO SO happy that you did this! Thank you!!
    *cheers and hugs*

  5. Okay I have to say, I love your unscripted ramblings. But then, I always have, written, podcasted, whatever!
    So you also mentioned Alisa Burke, Danielle Donaldson, and Mindy Lacefield so I googled them too. Wow.

    I see that Danielle Donaldson's classes are on the Jeanne Oliver network, but you can't see the prices without registering. Are those worth it?

    1. Worth every penny and then some. :)

      (And thank you!) <3