A Few Monday Links

I seem to have found a stomach bug.

My idyllic, facebook-free healing time took a little bit of a sharp left yesterday when I caught the attention of some kind of evil bacterium, intent on making the next 48 hours an unpleasant place to be.  

(I had this whole post planned about the magic power of hibernation in regards to heart-healing after loss, but it was hijacked.  Sorry.)

That said, tummy bugs are good for watching things and reading things.  

And naps.  Many naps.

But since I can't share my naps with you, here's a few interesting links I've found on my (green-tinged) travels.

First, a Thing for people asking about metal watercolor tins.

I bought one of these just to check for quality, since this price is somewhere near fell off the back of a truck low for watercolor tins.  (They can run you as much or more than the filled pans of artist-quality paints.  Not even kidding.)  I kind of expected them to be made of soda-can grade aluminum or have a bunch of sharp edges.

Not so.  They're nowhere near as thick as the more expensive models, but they're of decent quality, hold half or full pans well and securely, and have good mixing space.  I'm sold.  (Especially when the 48-color size is $13.99 USD.  Seriously.)

Downside is that the middle section, which is usually intended for a brush, and usually will accommodate another row of half pans, isn't wide enough for that.  But at this price, I can get a second one if I need to, so it balances out.

Because Terry Brooks is semi-local and fully awesome:

This is an entertaining way to spend 17 minutes of your life, and will add validation to all your efforts to do things that Society, capital S, may feel is beneath you/frivolous.  

Plus, Brooks is awesome.

Hygge your tailfeathers off.

Hygge, the danish concept of making yourself nourished and happy during the long winter months (simplified description, since it's one of those words that doesn't have a great translation into English, like friluftsliv, which is another thing I want more of in my life, thankyouverymuch), is getting a lot of buzz right now.  There are tons of kindle books being self-pubbed by internet marketeers seeing dollar signs over its popularity, but this post by blogger Yes and Yes is still the best one I've found, with 29 practical things you can do to hygge your butt off while the snow flies.

I want to try almost all of these 29 things over the next four months.

Bring on the Woo for winter solstice.

Lori Andrus, of the Priestess Pathway podcast, posted an episode and text post all about four ways to honor and celebrate the winter solstice.  All four are practical ways to settle in for the change of season, and have made me want to schedule some time into my day to mark the passing changes.  

Even if you're allergic to woo, they're still good ideas.

That's enough for now.

I need to go lay back down and bemoan the fact that I have intestines for a while.  I should be back-ish later this week, minus the colony of bacteria that decided to call me their home. :)


  1. I actually bought those tins too, two in the 12 size and 1 in the 24, and when they came they were all dinged up and wouldn't stay closed, so they sent me replacements (only marginally better) and now I have twice as many. I had to bend some of the edges to shut properly. I do like the rolled edges on them though, and now I have plenty of empty tins for future paint.

  2. Holy moly -- I'm sorry that happened to you. I ended up ordering two more (I got the 24 & 48...twice, because GOUACHE.... :D), and all four of mine were definitely cheaper-feeling than my "good" ones, but weren't damaged. :(

    Are you painting a ton?! :D