Unexpected Discoveries

I'm doing my supposedly-annual digital clear-out right now.

This is where I go into my hard drive(s) and ditch anything that's been sitting there for so long waiting to be read/used that I barely remember where it came from or why I saved it to begin with.

Let us just say that this is a much lengthier process than I'd like it to be, since apparently, my hard drives are just waiting for Matt Paxton and the Hoarders team to show up and be appalled by my stacks of dead-mouse-ridden PDFs and .zip files.  

I hold on to stuff.

This is my takeaway from this so far today.

I hold on to stuff.

I shouldn't be surprised, considering what my closets looked like six months ago, but I'm still kind of shocked that I'm finding multiple copies of free online magazines and "reports" from opt-in mailing lists that I fully intended to look at when I had more time.  Someday, I'll remember that "when I have more time" is my mind's code word for "NEVER!  NEVER, I SAY! (maniacal laughter)".

The good bit is that I found some writing that was way more done than I remembered it was (yay!), and a couple old PDFs that *I* made that I'd forgotten about.  Stories that were waiting to be told.  Notes for other stories.

It's like discovering a forgotten country up in here.

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