No matter how well things are going, they can always go well-er.

So when today's prompt came up, I thought I'd get all listy with it for a bit, here.


  1. More mindless drawing/less mindless Facebooking
  2. More shopping at farmer's markets/less shopping at McDonald's.
  3. More wandering/less busy-ness.
  4. More reading/less...well...facebooking.  
  5. More snuggling with Bella while listening to good books/did I mention the Facebook thing?
So there may be a trend here.  Ahem.

I'm really trying to cut back on the time I spend just mindlessly scrolling.  I mean, I love social media.  It's how I keep track of what's going on with my friends and family.  But when it starts to be a matter of just clickclickclick scrooooooollll get-angry-at-memes scroooooooollll click click click, I think I've reached the point of usefulness exhaustion.

(I don't, however, blame Facebook for this.  I see way too much of that.  My problem isn't Facebook, really, it's the desire to tune out of my own life and be entertained by the dopamine hit of external stimulation.  It's my own problem.)

I've got, like, a million things I want to do this summer.

Maybe I'll write about that next.  I have a list and all.  I always have lists.

I'm thinking a little non-screen time might be just what the doctor ordered.  (And yes, I see the irony of talking about it to a screen.  But you get my drift.)

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