p.s. Did I mention?

I totally made this.

It's a quilt.

Made with a sewing machine.

By me.

And no one was maimed or seriously injured in the process.  My fingers are all intact and unmarred.  Nobody's eyeball was put out.  (By me, at least.  J did manage to take a piece of hot metal in his eyeball at work, but that had nothing to do with me, unless it was karma, about which I'm not willing to think.)

It's intuitively cut and pieced.  Finding out that I would work without a pattern was like some kind of holy religious experience for me.  It's about the doing, not about being technically perfect.  The feeling and expression more than making all your little points match up in some kind of mathematical supernova.

And I totally loved doing it.

I'm hacking into the other side of the plain triangles next, adding a little bloop of color in those big inbetween areas, but then...it's kinda done.

I will have made something with a sewing machine that doesn't suck or try to kill me.

(The kicker is that it awakened a deep love of fabric that's trying to take over my shelves.  Thus, my realization that I need to use what I have.  See yesterday.)

But but but....I made this.

(insert little squealy back-of-the-throat excited noises here.)

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