So I ordered these pencils.

They're just pencils.  Not even really Fancy Art Pencils(tm) or anything,  Just new pencils, which are always infinitely better than old pencils, even when the old pencils are perfectly fine and pencilly and still make marks on paper, which is what pencils of both varieties are supposed to do.

Despite this fact, I've become a bit obsessed with their delivery.

Or, as the case may be, non-delivery.  The weather on the east coast, with all it's bomb cyclone nonsense, delayed packages, and my pencil pusher is in New York.  So my order is somewhere, probably frozen in a block of ice, and it made me all sad and junk.

To combat this, I decided to be grateful for what I have.

I know.  Not exactly revolutionary stuff, here.  But it's easy to forget: even if there's new stuff, the old stuff still works. 

Sometimes, it even works really well and better than you remember.

I spent last night mucking out simple supplies.  Testing all my brushes to see which ones I like best.  Playing with markers to both make sure they still work and that I still enjoy using them.  Even drawing with old pencils to remember why I was once just as excited to get them as I am for the new ones.

I still can't wait for the new ones to get here.

But in the interim, I'm enjoying what I have.

I should remember that more often.  (Preferably, before I hit "add to cart".)

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