I made things!

So I have this tendency.

I make all kinds of things, fully intending to list them on etsy (both to share them and to make space in the house for the next batch of things I'm compelled to make...), but...

for some reason, I don't list them.

It's not like it's particularly hard to list things on etsy.  In fact, they've made it much, much easier than it used to be, especially for multiple items with varying types.

But I just don't do it.  There are always more important things to do.  Like binge watching Doctor Who for the eighty-fourth time.

(I admit nothing.)

So I'm trying to work through the backlog now of EVERYTHING I have in the shelves that hasn't gone up.  Hoping to put up a few day.  Realistically, a few a week.

Starting with these:

I originally made a bunch of small watercolor paintings just kind of as practice, and turned them into these planner clips.  They're hand drawn and  hand painted, on heavy watercolor paper backed with sturdy cardboard, with a paperclip mounted in the back so you can use them as reusable tabs in your journals or planners, or just as decoration.

Six themed sets.  Available here.

Now to move on to the eighteen tons of other stuff I've made.  (Ahem.)

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