A to Z Rock Project

Hi there!

If you're here because you found a rock with this URL on the back and have no idea what this is all about....welcome.

The rock you found was a part of the Cowlitz County Rocks! project, where people paint on rocks and "hide" them around the community for people to find.  It's intended to give folks a little bit of arty happiness without expectations.  Just enjoy what you found, and either re-hide it or keep it.  Whichever you'd like.

(You can also paint your own rocks and put them around wherever.  It's pretty egalitarian up in here.  Nobody to ask permission from; just do it.  Just don't take or leave rocks on national park property, because it's illegal.  So one rule.)

Get more info over on the Cowlitz County Rocks! facebook page.

Now, about your rock.

I'm making a series to commemorate the back-to-school season with 26 people rocks and stories to go along with them.

You can find your rock's story below, along with all the other stories.

If you found that rock, feel free to leave a comment on that rock's page, too.  

I'll be adding more as I get them done.

Happy hunting, and happy back to school!


C is for Catherine Who Loved to Nap
D is for Darwood Who Snorts When He Laughs
E is for Eustace Who Loved All Her Books

(rest coming soon)