7/30 WILD

Technically, I guess, this doesn't really fall under the 30 in 30.  It does, since I finished it tonight.  But it got its start about a month ago.

She started out as a largely pink and yellow field.  I'd challenged myself to not use my favorite (read: big) brushes, despite the fact that this is a much bigger canvas than I'm using most often.  (It's 16x20", rather than the 6x6" that I've been working with primarily.)  I had a small (size 2) brush, and as elements came forward, I tried to just keep it to expressive strokes, rather than worrying all the lines, as I'm prone to do.

This is also much more color than I'm used to.  I'm fond of darker, less bright colors.  More muted than in your face, so every time I wanted to grab something grey, I grabbed another bright color intead.  It wasn't until the black and white settled things down a little that I started liking it, but I'm still glad I let the color not just sing, but shout like its head was on fire.

Also, I'm finally going through all my lessons for Diane Culhane's Paint Your Garden class, so there's lots of scratchings and pencil sgraffito and pontillism-style dots, some of which were eventually covered, but which really add a texture I wouldn't have had otherwise.

And despite all the departures from my usual process (which is why it sat, sometimes for a week at a time, with nothing getting done), I think it still manages to look like me, so I'm okay with it all.  I even really like it, truth be told.

There's something magical happening by painting every day.

I'm glad I'm on board for it.


(16x20" on canvas)
ignore the messy desk -- painting every day does have its downside. :)

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