#planwithmechallenge, day 8

Today's prompt was "work vs. personal, combined or separate?".

Fact is, I'm so new to this whole Bullet Journal thing that I'm still hammering out what goes where.  I need for things to be convenient, easy, and in my face, or I'll forget things.  (I've been known to forget whole lists if they're out of my direct line of sight.  It's like a superpower, but not a positive one.)

Right now, everything's in one.  I expect it will be for some time.  Repeatable stuff lives on Habitica (which is insanely addictive for the rewards-motivated, though it does feel a little like a rat pulling a lever for a treat sometimes), and collaborative stuff with timelines still lives on Trello, but for art stuff, life stuff, and longer-term planning stuff, I'm getting pretty religious about the BuJo.

In fact, as I figure out how to incorporate more stuff, I fully anticipate moving to this method for more and more of my lists, since I like having a record, and the doodly bits and making it pretty parts kind of appeal to the art journaler in me.  Really, this is more of an art journal with a planning component for me, and I really, really like that. :)

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  1. Loving your colorful way as you so things your way. You bring beauty to boring. Xoxox