10/30 Yesterday

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Yesterday, Rocket had a forever home.  That, however, was before his human went somewhere and didn't come home.  All the people who'd come into his home since then had pet him and loved on him and looked at him with sad eyes, but even when Rocket asked as nicely as he knew how, none of them could tell him where his human had gone.  One of them said she would take him with her, now that her dad had passed, whatever that meant, and Rocket was glad for the company.  He'd go with her until his own human came back, though he was getting a panicky feeling that maybe he wouldn't be back, though he couldn't tell exactly why.

When she let him out into the yard one more time, he worried it might be the last.  So he stood at his sentinel spot in the back corner, where he could see both approaching sidewalks, and looked hard, just in case they'd missed his human, but no familiar faces approached.  He perked up his  ears, the one his human had said was goofy and always flopped up over his head like a particularly unfortunate hat, but there were no familiar sounds.

Still, yesterday had been a normal day.  And here, it still smelled like yesterday.

He'd stay for just a little while longer.

Just in case.


  1. Dude you just made me cry. Ugly cry in the truck sleeper... He looks like my Tucker.

  2. You are breaking my heart. I have always loved your style. Now I love it a little more.

  3. So handsome, little imperfect boy. The animal abandonment stories always break my heart the hardest. I want to love him forever..

  4. Wet face and runny nose. Thanks...


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