New Moon in Capricorn

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Some of you probably already know that last year, I found my biological family.

It was one of those completely unexpected things.  I did one of those DNA tests where you spit in a vial and six weeks later, they tell you if you have to wear green on St. Patrick's Day. (Which, incidentally, I totally do.)  I expected a nice breakdown of where my genes have gallivanted around to before they got to me, and that's all.

Instead, I found seven siblings.  Turns out my biological mother was prolific, boyhowdy.

(And I'm still the bossy eldest, which probably surprises precisely no one who knows me.)

Unfortunately, I just missed meeting my mother.  She passed in 2012.  I've got stories and pictures, though, and that's a hundred percent more than I had before.

Hali Karla is doing a monthly challenge this year, based on the new moons.

This month, the new moon is in Capricorn.  She describes it as:
it’s kind of about initiating change in things that already have a foundation set in place. What needs tending, shifting, fluffing, loving? So new beginnings for strengths and structures in-waiting.

...and she asked us to think about a dedication of our practice to someone.

It flashed in my head that all of a sudden, I have a foundation.  I actually have a family tree that doesn't begin and end with me now.  (And I actually kind of have this weird family bush that angles out in all kinds of crazy tendrils, no less.  You wouldn't expect me to have any kind of normalcy in my lineage, would you?)

So I dug out one of the pictures I have of my mother.  I'm clearly not a portrait painter, so this kind of has vague shades of her around the edges, but I know who it is.

And this year, my practice is for the woman that gave me not only life, but seven wonderful people to share it with.

(She really did have eyes, by the way.  She was just smiling in this picture and her eyes were all squinched up.)

Let the practice begin.


  1. I'm tearing up over here, Elizabeth. This is just beautiful and so inspiring. I'm so glad you found your family. Thank you for playing along in the link-up this month and sharing with us. xoxo~h

    1. And thank YOU for putting this all together for us, lady. <3


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