Day 6: In Which We Do Absolutely Bupkiss...Kind Of

I told myself that if I hit 5k words for the day, I could go to the fair.

And since I love the fair with an enthusiasm usually only seen in small children and particularly hopped-up puppies, I figured this would be a big ol' carrot at the end of the writing stick.  

My writing brain, however, was having none of that nonsense.

I ended up watching about sixty thousand youtube videos about how to build your own teardrop trailer.  I learned how to keep the weight under fifteen hundred pounds, and even how to install solar panels.

In short, I learned lots of things that had not a thing to do with what I'm writing.

It was procrastination in its purest form.


As I licked my own self-inflicted wounds, I figured it'd make more sense to go on Friday, anyway, since then I can draw all the animals and have it be on-theme, even, rather than a reward.  Which, despite being born from sour grapes, actually does have kind of a logic to it.

So instead of oogling cute farm critters, I went and got groceries like a good little slave to the pen.

On the way home, I pulled through the drive-thru at McD's, thinking I'd grab something small and a cup of coffee, because I really, really wanted breakfast at three p.m. for some reason.  I ordered, and did a little bit of a double-take when she said the price.  It was way lower than I expected.

At the window, I said, "Are you sure?" when she gave me the total.  She read the order back, and added, "And Wednesday's Senior Day between three and five."

::blink blink::

Did she just say....senior day?

On what planet do I look like a senior citizen?

To be fair, the girl was roughly the age of a zygote. I think she may have had bad eyes or something.  Or is just a really bad guesser of ages and didn't want to insult me if I was a senior citizen, because those folks can get loud when you miss a discount.  I thought about correcting her error, but figured McD's doesn't really need the extra money (you know that even with the discount, they're not losing money on that order), and I totally deserve it for not hitting that girl upside her whippersnappery little head with my bedazzled cane.

So I took my McHeartAttack and smiled and came home to put some extra Oil of Olay on my crow's feet.

Just in case.

Tomorrow's the last day of the words.

I plan on finishing strong.  I did come home and write more than 2K words anyway, after dyeing all my grey hair back to a youthful shade never seen before in nature, so the day's not lost.  I'm not 100% pleased with my progress so far, but I've been unfocused with this heat.

Still, I'm farther than I'd have been without this week, and I'm calling that good.

And now I'll go watch Murder, She Wrote episodes and polish the tassels on my decked-out walker or something.  WTF SENIOR CITIZEN.


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