WW Day 5: In Which We Arrange Many Things

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I'm not sure what happened to me today.

Actually, I take that back.  I do know.

I was really hot, really tired from yesterday, and the dog broke my toe this morning.  (Those pointy-looking shelves up there that I'll talk about in a minute here?  Dog knocked a pointy bit off a different shelf and directly onto my second-to-the-last-toe on the right side.  I heard a pop and two seconds later, had some rather blinding pain.  I think because he's so cute, the universe had to balance that out with a nice dose of clutziness to keep everything fair.  Ow.)

While I sat here and contemplated whether to take half a vicodin or to go to the doctor, my will to do anything other than whine sort of went out the window.  So I did something I rarely do:  I flipped on the teevee and decided to be a mindless entertainment zombie until I could walk around without feeling like tiny rabid weasels were nibbling at my foot with razor-blade teeth and particularly sting-ey venom.

I can't watch HGTV, y'all.

I can't.

I get all hopped up on the home improvement crack and think that I can renovate ALL THE THINGS, despite the fact that I can injure myself with a shelf and a dog.  I begin to think that if I only had a paint sprayer, my life would be sooooo much easier.  I get all blaze' about house prices and find myself thinking that a 3500 square foot house is a total steal for $3.6 million and that budget of $3.1 million is just way too restrictive.

(I don't have 3.1 million of ANYTHING.  Except maybe dog hairs.  I may have that many of those.  Dollars, not so much.  But I can be totally cavalier with other peoples' millions of house budget dollars in my mind.)

Luckily, today, I was hampered a bit by the toe thing and couldn't immediately start cutting the legs off all my furniture to create a cozy asian-inspired living room or whatever.  But I did end up using that energy by organizing the living snot out of part of the studio/office.  Put up those shelves.  Organized some others.  Threw out a bunch of stuff that I know I'm never going to use or finish, to prep for Art Week this next week.  Wrote a couple letters.   Put away some laundry.  Found out that when a toe's broken on your driving foot, driving over to get some take 'n bake pizzas is an adventure.  (I thought it might be easier than trying to stand and cook.  Not so much, my friends.  Not so much.)

There may have been tiny bits of writing-related stuff.

Not much, admittedly.

I read a few chapters in some writing books.  I wrote those letters.  I filled up the last of one of my writing notebooks and set up a new one to start with tomorrow.  I did a little more outlining.

But really, it was kind of a writing-free writing retreat day.  I'm okay with that, only because the past two days have been a flurry of words and progress, and not every day can be, or burnout'll be the name of the game.  A large percentage of creative work is thinking, and when I'm mindlessly organizing shelves or sorting through papers, I do a lot of that.

Knowing myself, I know I can't do too much of that whole puttering thing or creative inertia will set in and I'll do nothing else, under the guise of puttering...but, really, I'll just be procrastinating.  I'm a master at procrastinating sometimes.

On the plus side, when I hit it hard again tomorrow, I'll be doing so in a much cleaner, more well-organized space.  

I'll take that as a win, even if I have to hobble over for the celebratory high-five.


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