First Writing Week: Day Two

This picture has nothing to do with today's entry.  I just found it in my pictures folder, where it's sat, unloved, for something like a year.  (I made it for a friend of mine once, when we were discussing what our autobiographies would be called.)

In today's issue of What Writing Taught Me...

I've learned several things.
  1. That I was right.  If I start the day by writing, I'm like a spigot turned all the way on.  That Everest Switch in my brain is in the WRITE NOW position.  Clearly, my muse prefers to be in motion.
  2. Writing is very hard work.  I knew this before, mind you.  But I forgot how much a big writing day can knock me on my cupcakes.  After hitting more than five thousand words for the day, I literally passed out cold for a few hours and didn't wake up until nearly 10 p.m..
  3. I'm not cut out for project monogamy.  My word count for the day was split over three commercial projects that have been waiting for attention.  In all three cases, I've tried doing the hyperfocused just-work-on-this-one-thing thing, and burnt out to the point where I closed the file and thought they were dead projects.  They weren't.  They just needed me to not try and force myself to work in a way that doesn't work for me.  Duh.
  4. I have to have some balance.  My fitbit thinks I may have died, my step count was so low.  That's just a heart attack in the making, right there.  And now, at 10 p.m., I kind of feel simultaneously antsy to the point of distraction, and paranoid about walking anywhere at night.  So balance needs to happen during daytime hours.
  5. My slider bars are still connected.  During times of Great Creativity, I get Great Nacho Cravings.  I don't get it, either.
  6. My brain can't do meta.  Just before I passed out for a nap, I was looking at a group that I'm in.  It's all writers, discussing the craft of, y'know, writing.  And it sucked all the motivation out of my head.  I can either write or I can talk about writing.  The two are mutually exclusive and can not exist in my head at the same time.  Talk or do.  There are my options.  I know which one I want to pick.

That said, I've had a six thousand word day.

I've significantly added to three previously-dead projects, outlined the living snot out of all three (since, y'know, road maps get you to your destination faster), and even ended up watching a few segments of a class on the business side of things, rather than the craft side of things.  (Those don't seem to suck out my will to live.)

And I did go get some Taco Time nachos. 

You can't fight biology.

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