Breaking News: Summer is Hot

This picture has almost nothing to do with this post.  But I HAVE been painting rocks this summer, so maybe kinda relevant? Maybe?

Remember when I said that thing about wanting to update weekly or something?

Yeah.  That.

Not so much.

Instead, I dug into that bag of stuff that needed finishing in early June and woke up at the end of July, covered in glitter and something that I hope was sequins but may have been a woodchippered clown, with no recollection where I was or what was happening.

Okay, fine.  Not really.

But I did finish up a whole lot of half-done stuff, start my Kamana classes in earnest (only took me two years), and melted in early August.  (It was HOT in the northwest. Like, desert at midsummer at midday hot.  We're not used to it up here, so most of us were hanging out in the frozen food section at the Safeway, trying not to drip sweat on our Hungry Man dinners.)

Summer's about half done here.

Well, more than half done.  But our Autumns are mild and summerlike, and they last a lot longer than Fall did in the midwest, where we had maybe three days of comfortable weather between the summer fry-down and our first blizzard.  So I count our Fall as a late summer thing.

I'm still going to be lucky to get maybe half my list done.  But I did other things that were just as cool, so I'm not complaining.

I'll round it up at the end of Fallmer.  Sumtumn?  Whatever.  You know what I mean. 

Hope your summer has been full of sun, iced tea, and pool noodles, y'all.

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