...and winter is cold.

So, apparently, I had some setting tickmarked that was posting Pinterest pins from a particular folder to the blog, and not all that successfully, either.

Oops.  Sorry if you have notifications enabled and got a deluge a few weeks back.  I think I fixed it now.

On that note...

I gave up on Blog Guilt(tm).  Y'know, that thing that makes people keeping a blog go all "I'm sorry it's been so long since I posted...", as if most folks even notice.  I think we all just kind of assume life's been busy or there are better things for someone to do.

My things are drawing and eating lots of pie, because Holidays.

And winter.

And pie, duh.

Of course, now that I gave up Blog Guilt(tm), I kinda wonder if I shouldn't blog more.

After all, it's winter.  It's rainy here in Washington.  It's even a little cold sometimes.  (Sorry, people on the east coast of the US who are dealing with snotcicles and dead car batteries.  What we have isn't even chilly by your standards right now.  It's kind of why I moved here.)

Anyway, I'm doing all kinds of THINGS all of a sudden.

Including sewing. 

Yes, I know.  And nobody's been maimed yet.  There hasn't been blood.  I'm pretty sure it's that pact I made with the devil when I bought the machine on clearance because I needed some curtains hemmed and buying the machine was cheaper than a tailor.

And yes, I've become one of those weirdos with a fabric stash, despite swearing I wouldn't ever get involved with a hobby that required a stash again.

(Note: that tinkling sound you hear is the Universe laughing at my declarations.  I'm tempted to swear I'll never have a million dollars in my wallet today, just to see if that works, too.)

But, yeah, blogging.
Maybe I'll do more of it this year.  For me.  To record stuff.

Why not?

Happy 2018, y'all.

p.s.  My word of the year is enchant.  2018 should be kinda fun.

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