There are very few things that I want these days.

Oh, sure.  There's a lot of little things that I kind of drool over.  Books I want to read, art supplies that make my fingers itch a little, fabric to add to the (despite my best intentions) stash.  That kind of stuff.

But stuff that I'm actually actively wanting just because it exists?

Not much.

Except one of these:

picture horked from


That's a Thoreau pencil.  Like, living history, right there.

I'm still kind of obsessed with transcendentalists, see.

Anything Thoreau, or Emerson, or Alcott.  Whitman, as transcendentalist-adjacent.  Folks who quietly (and not so quietly) changed the world.

And, y'know, pencils.

Granted, one of these will run you as much as a car.  Good ones/unused ones are about as much as a (small, run-down) house, even.

But as a holy grail-type I will possess you kind of object, it's a good one for me.

Other people are all I want a pretty car  or  I want a big house, and I'm all I WANT A THOREAU PENCIL.

Pretty sure that says something about my life, but I'm not quite sure what that might be.  (I do hear my mom's voice in my head, saying misplaced priorities, that's what, but I'm totally not listening.)

Because transcendentalist pencils, that's why.

Please tell me you have weird stuff on your life list so I feel less like a total nerd....?


  1. Umm, these aren't the same BUT they are affordable ;)

    1. Sadly, they've also been sold out for ages. I've been checking back weekly for moooonths. :D