when the levy breaks.

First, business.

This happened today.

Last week, I posted what could only be called a metric ton of new artstuffs.

Most of it was fabric related.  Tons of traveller's notebook covers and inserts, hand-bound journals, and I turned all the old art that I've been slavishly holding onto since the tornadoes in 2014, hoping to repair it, into canvas zipper-topped pouches.

Those are just about gone, by the way.  I made like 65 of them, and I think I have around six left.  They did look like this:

There were a few.  Ahem.

This week, I'm really digging into my finished art storage in an attempt to find out what's left and what I can list.  Apparently, during this past year, when I've been a little disconnected and out of it (that anxiety thing again), I put a lot of things away "to be listed later", and "later" turned into "what was that thing again?".  Tons of stuff I thought was long-ago-sold.

Yeah.  Not so much.

So I'm putting those up over the next few weeks, while making roughly enough pouches and needle books and who knows what else to fill up all the spaces again.  I'm trying to list them all now.

I also cut all the artwork pricing, because it's almost spring, and I need a good closet-fluffing.  Spring Clean sale, prettymuch.

So if you're interested...

Check it all out here.

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