It's supposed to snow on Sunday.

That's her pillow next behind her.  She's like a big, lazy bird.

Bella is ready.

I, on the other hand, am not.

I have to drive J (the husbeast) to the airport in Portland at buttcrack-o'clock on Sunday night for work.  In the snow.  Possibly on icy roads.  With drivers who lose their minds if there's solid precipitation.

I'm just hoping the weatherpeople are on the wacky cigarettes again.

And then, today, more pencil-mail arrived.

It was my present to myself for finally finishing up on all the tornado pouches from the other day.  (By the way, I put up more stuff.  Less than half of that is still left, so if you want some, hop to it. :D)

I'm pretty sure this summer's going to be all about the drawing.  I signed up for that Craftsy Unlimited thing, and there are roughly four billion classes I want to take.  They're way more in-depth than the Skillshare ones usually are, and on more of the topics I generally like.  I'll keep you posted on how they pan out, and how they add new ones or whatever.  There's 1300+, supposedly.  I should be busy. 

Here's a free 7 day trial link.  I'm pretty sure I get a free week or something if you sign up with it.  Disclosure, blah blah blah.

ANYWAY...before I digressed, I was saying it might be a summer of drawing.  And probably sewing.  I have a lot of fabric already, and I'm totally enjoying using it up with needlecases and junk.  Like, I made this yesterday:

It just feels spring-like, doesn't it?

It's a needlebook, scribblestitched obviously, with felt in the middle, and a matching zipperpouch.  Not bad for a prototype set.

The reason I brought up Craftsy to begin with (I managed to digress AGAIN) is that I'm taking a pen and ink course as my first one, and it's making me want to draw all the things.  So between new instruction and new pencils, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be up to my nosehairs in graphite and ink and watercolor soon.

Not that I mind that at all.

It feels like Spring is finally springing in my head, after a long and dull winter full of mindless living. 

Even if the weathermen are being buttheads about this snow thing.

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