When J took this job that has him travel occasionally, I knew it meant a little lifestyle change for us.

It's been about a decade now since I've spent a night without him, with very few exceptions.  (Bad weather when he was working in a city an hour away, or the occasional early morning gig = staying the night before....that kind of thing.)  I've become kind of just accustomed to waking up to his furnacelike butt taking up more than half the bed and his grumpy morning grumbling while the coffee brews.

Today, it's quiet.  Unnaturally quiet.

Bella managed to take up 3/4 of the bed, however, so that part felt pretty normal, but she's kind of beside herself that her favorite guy human isn't here.  She's been nesting in his pillows on the bed and giving me this look, like, it's totally past the time daddy gets home and WHY IS HE NOT HOME WHERE IS HE SOMETHING HORRIBLE HAS HAPPENED.

This job could mean up to 85% of J's working time is on the road.

I need to remember how to revel in the silence.

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