I finally figured out how to take video without ripping out my own eyeballs and throwing them at random passers-by in frustration.*

I ALSO figured out how to host all the weird and varied things I want to do for said class all in one place.  This is like a revolution up in here.  I think I mentioned it last time, but teaching makes my head all spinny with excitement, and I want to be able to give people PDFs and templates and audio files and videos and downloadable/printable stuffs...without having to scatter it all over the internets.  And now, I can.

I get the lights and the remote for the camera on Tuesday-ish.

Lessons are mostly written.

I'm putting together the fun extras and printable stuff now.

(insert high-pitched squeal here.)

*also, this may have been too graphic, in hindsight.  Apologies for any lingering images of surprise flying eyeballs.

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  1. ::insert equally high pitched squeal in reply::

    We do the Kentucky Fried Zine Fest here in Lexington; the next one is Sept 29th, 2018. ::drops huge hint at her feet:: I run the collaborative zine each year (so fun) and teach the one-page zines here locally in Berea. There were so many other people doing it online that I shifted to something else (for online). Looking forward to seeing what you create! Know it will be fabulous, anything you do always is. ;) xo

    Keep me posted, I want to take your class!!!