Oh, and for the record...

(I know.  Two posts in one day.  I'm a madwoman.  This one's short.)

I gave up on some things.

I'm not embroidering a weekly thing anymore.  I did one that I hated and it just soured me to doing more.  I may go back to it someday, because I do love me some floss.

I'm also not sending 100 postcards.  When my tooth blew up a week into the thing, followed by a gnarly cold and food poisoning, I realized I needed to simplify the daily grind a little.  I kept the zines; put away the postcards.  For now.  I do know I'll eventually send more, because they're my favorite way to send joy to random people, and I still have people on my list who need a good postcard-sized blop of mail love.

I went through my books that were in my queue.  All the realizations about outgrowing some of them were valid, so I re-evaluated what I had on hand....and donated roughly 3/4 of them to local Little Free Libraries.  I read some.  Some, I had to admit that I just wasn't going to.

I also went through my art supplies again.  As we speak, there are roughly two hundred pounds of things in bags and boxes on my dining room floor, waiting to be shuttled down to a Portland art supply house that buys used supplies.  I love what's left in my studio.  I haven't been able to say that in a long time.

Then I went at my pen and ink collection like a madwoman with a hatchet.  I'm down to pens I love, and inks I love and use.  We will not discuss the literal box full of stuff I culled out. 

Most importantly, I culled my IDEAS LIST.

There are things I'm just not going to get to, or things that I just wanted to try but half-heartedly.  Or things that require a whole lot of supplies or software or learning a whole new Thing.  Or ideas that, when I thought about them, I still couldn't make them fully flesh themselves out in my mind.

That left a substantial list left over. 

So I made a box.

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